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Mistakes is the 94th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Daniel Bouwmeester.

278 route: Get the 2 chips in the blob room, then go past the pink balls to get another, then build a bridge to another chip, then clone another block and push it through the pink ball room onto the brown button. Go through the teleport, and across the random force floors. Do not pick up the first set of flippers, but pick up the second, go through the recessed wall to collect the chips, then go across the thief, pick up the other set of flippers, and get the chip in the corner. Go back through the teleport, through the socket, and get the red key just as the pink ball is heading towards the green button. It will press the button, shielding Chip from it, then it will release Chip. Go back through the teleport, through the red door, across the bottom ice slide, then go across the thief and get suction boots. Go up through the teleport, and slide along to the path on the right. Flip the tanks to get blue, green and yellow keys in order. Go back through the teleport and back up the ice. Go through the yellow door, collect the fire boots from under the block, and the yellow key at the end of the path. Then go back to the teleport via the top ice slide, then go back through the socket’s original location. Go down behind the toggle wall, wait for the pink ball to bounce off the yellow door before opening it, then follow the pink ball, use the ice to dodge it, and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 94.png


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