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Oil Rig

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Oil Rig is the 106th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Daniel Bouwmeester.

235 route: Go through the toggle walls and use the 5 usable blocks (all bar (14,4) and (13,5)) to reach the keys. The topmost block has a chip underneath. Go through the red door and use 3 blocks in this room (all apart from the rightmost one) to finish the bridge to the chips and blue button. Note that Chip must not follow any of the blocks along the force slide or else he will be unable to leave the main room. Go through the yellow door and into the next room. Push the blocks to create bridges to the 2 blue keys. Go through the 3 blue doors and towards the left. Push the first block (which has a blue key underneath it) down in between the force floors, then push it up and step on it. Now collect the chip in the top left and push the next block over the force floor (there are also 4 chips to be collected from the island to the right of the bottom of the force floor slide). Teleport U, push the block D to collect a chip, collect the last chip, open the blue door, then go right and open 2 sockets. Go left to collect a blue key from under the top block, open the blue door to the right, then go back up through the teleport, push the block over the force floors, teleport back, push the top block into the top right room (which contains 3 blocks). Build down the rightmost column towards the exit (it has an invisible wall to its left). The optimal route involves leaving a block at (29,3). Then push the last block round the level into the top-right room, and push the last 2 blocks across the water to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 106.png


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