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Window Shopping

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Window Shopping is the 14th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, and was created by Ida Roberthson. Originally named Memory II, it was a more complex modification of the first level ever designed by Ida (named Memory).

Solution: Head to the room on the right, collect the chips, go through the next room with the boots, then use a block to explode the bomb guarding the yellow key and collect it. Push a block through the next room, use it to fill the water space at [24, 12], collect the chips in the next room and open the yellow door at [16, 10]. Go through the ice (collecting one chip in the process), which takes Chip back to the second room. Return to the room with the keys, and push one of the two remaining blocks through the next two rooms. To get the block past the ice, follow it through the force floor at [14, 10], then hold the D key. Once the block gets through the ice, use it on the bomb that guards the ice skates and collect the skates. Get the final block through the lower rooms, but with the ice skates, getting the block through the ice is easy. Use this block on the bomb that guards the fire boots and collect the fire boots. Now run through the lower rooms again, collect the chips on the ice, head to the fire room and collect the chips there, then head to the initial room and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 14.png


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