All About Buttons

All About Buttons is the 48th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Mike Lask, and was titled Switch Hit II in his original set.

387 route: Press the green button and get the chip behind the toggle wall. Press the green button, get the chip from the lower room, and flip the tank button. Press the first green button again, and get the chips at (5,6) and (9,12). Press the first green button again and get the chips at (5,11) and (7,2), pressing the blue button whilst in the bug room. Get chips from the next 2 rooms, pressing the blue button in the upper room. In the next room, press the green button then get the chip and fire boots before flipping the tanks and getting the chip at the bottom of this room. Now move into the block area – from the green button move 2R 2U R 2U L 2U R 2D L (2D R D R 3D) U 2R 6D 2U L 3D (2R) 2U L 5U R 3U R 9D L D 3R 2L 2U then move back into the previous room and push the block that is next to the force floor 2R, and move the other block D (next to the force floor). Push these 2 blocks into the water to reach the flippers. From the flippers, move U 2L 2U D 2R U L R U L U L 2U R 2D 2U 2R U L D. Now walk across the traps, get the line of chips and into the teleport, moving D L U R D. Collect 3 chips and press the brown button, which releases a pink ball which controls the toggle walls and tanks. Get the 3 chips on the left and move to the tank area. Wait [3] before the first tank, [2] before the second and third, [1] before the 6th and [3] before the 7th to collect the green and blue keys. On returning, wait [2] before the second and third tanks, [1] before the 4th, and [2] before the 7th. Now collect the remaining 3 chips and enter the blue door, where a bug is walking around the fire maze. If timed perfectly, Chip can reach 3D L from the yellow key whilst the bug is on the key, and after waiting for the bug, can collect the yellow key and enter the teleport to exit.

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