BlockSlide is the 123rd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Unlike most levels with blocks on ice, BlockSlide gives the player the skates, and Chip has to push the blocks as they are sliding on the ice; and coupled with slide delay, this leads to a lot of deaths. Fortunately, the level can be completed by cloning four blocks separately as shown by the 715 solution below.

746 routeEdit

The beginning moves are D [1/2] 3:DU [1 1/2] DU [1/2] 2D, or any combination which hits the red button at these specific times. In terms of delays before each button press, this is [1/2], [0], [0], [1 1/2] and [1/2]. This clones all the blocks; skate D 8R [1/2] DUR to catch block 4, using a spring step to avoid being smashed by block 3. Continue R [1] D to move block 5 out in a similar way, then UR [1/2] 2D to catch block 3 on the way under block 2. To continue here, move LU, and now skate R 3U 2L, keeping watch on block 4 with the latter move. Push block 2 R, then skate LD and push block 5 R, and continue R again to move block 3 with you. Follow it to the northeast (2U 5R), and now turn towards the northeast area with these three blocks.

Catch block 5 specifically with 2D, and now continue R 2U [1/2] D [1/2] D 2L 4D R 2D. Since block 3 will smash Chip if he passes block 2 R with normal speed, a half wait must be used before stepping RLR. Follow it, catching block 3 as well, ducking D into the lower path as block 2 comes back, then catching block 2 with U. As block 5 is sliding across, move it onto column 1 of the far right, pushing it specifically at 783.8 (a [1] wait) because the slide delay makes it otherwise difficult to predict. Use a similar method to other block dodges to use this block: R 4U 2L [1/2] RU, then pick up the chips, and catch block 3 as you see it coming back out. Chip will not have to wait if he pushes it onto column 3 of this long stretch of ice. As Chip skates south, he will see block 2 also moving vertically; Chip can barely catch this and redirect it to more chips in the center (using a spring step as the move onto the bomb). Finally, go towards the southwest, with block 4's shadow rapidly approaching.

After Chip pushes this (another [1] wait), skate U 4L DL 5D to carry the block through, then smack it R, skate U 3L [1/2] and DL to catch the block again, and here 5D R to explode the bomb and pick up the remaining chips. Return all the way over to the right side and note block 3 hurtling downward at 752. Beat it across its column of ice and throw it L, as moving it R will cause Chip to wait longer for it to slide back. Step RD further, then throw the block U and reach the exit: 6D R [1/2] LUL 2D [1/2] UL 4D 4R.

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