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The Chip's Challenge Wiki is a fan-made non-profit online encyclopedia for Chip's Challenge. It is hosted at the website and runs on the MediaWiki software engine.

The CC Wiki was originally founded on October 15, 2008 by Craig Arnold (Craiga2124) on the Fandom wiki engine. On January 9, 2019, the wiki was officially transferred to the MediaWiki engine at the domain name It was later moved a second time on April 17, 2019 at the name to allow for the original domain to host more Chip's Challenge content, such as the official scoreboards and the custom level set listing formerly hosted by Mike Lask, which would in turn create a more general purpose hub for the community.



On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, Craig Glenn Arnold founded the Chip's Challenge Wiki on the Fandom software platform. Andrew Bennett assisted in the creation of numerous articles, Yongyi Chen assisted in uploading many transparent images of tiles, and Mike Lask assisted in uploading the AVI solutions hosted at his website (at the time). It was during the late 2000s and early 2010s when the Fandom wiki was in its prime for editing, but this popularity decreased rapidly after Yongyi Chen departed from the community, who had been one of the few active editors alongside Andrew Bennett.

Following this, Mike Lask and many other wiki editors moved to other Chip's Challenge projects, leaving Bennett to do most of the remaining work. When Bennett himself left the community, the Chip's Challenge Wiki was left hanging as an unfinished project that didn't appear as if it would ever be complete.


By the start of 2019, many Chipsters felt that the CC Wiki could be revived, but wanted to make edits on a non-profit wiki software platform. On January 9, 2019, Tyler Sontag wrote a conversion script to transfer the Fandom wiki to the MediaWiki software project at the domain name; after this point, many other users began editing on the wiki, and the project was revitalized.[citation needed]

Starting sometime in March 2019, some Chipsters began to want a more centralized community hub, since at the time, scores, score reports, downloads, and wiki content were all hosted on various websites and some felt this method was disorderly. On April 17, 2019, the wiki's domain was moved again to, and the host was merged with other major CC websites such as the official scoreboards and Mike Lask's custom level set listing.


The CC Wiki has been praised by several former community leaders such as Alice Voith[1] for being a valuable and organized source of information. Voith praised the wiki for its complete documentation of all aspects of Chip's Challenge, and claimed that one could spend hours learning in-depth about all the strange mechanics such as the Headbanger Rule.[1]

In contrast, the Chip's Challenge Wiki is often criticized for having inaccurate or confusing information, such as the directional notation used in many level guides written by Andrew Bennett or incorrect calculations on the odds of certain random events. For many years, much of this wrong information was left unchanged, save for about a dozen or so articles about more relevant topics such as the Twice Step Glitch. These issues would lead to the CC Wiki being considered an unreliable source of information, due to lack of interest in site and article maintenance. It would not be until the move to MediaWiki that more users became active editors.[citation needed]


By the time the old Fandom wiki was replaced, 136 users had registered accounts on the old wiki, though this did include 8 members of the Fandom staff and 7 other bots. There were 1,253 total main articles, 1,824 files, and a combined total of 4,102 pages.

Currently, there are 68 registered users on the Chip's Challenge Wiki, including 5 administrators and 2 bots. In the past 30 days, 11 out of 68 registered users have made at least 1 edit. There are 1,467 content pages, 2,734 files, and 5,269 pages in total. There have been 28,431 edits and counting since the Fandom wiki was set up; on average, a page will receive roughly 4 edits.


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