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Chip's Challenge Wiki:News

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  • Bitbusters Club is Open - the long awaited community hub for Chip's Challenge has finally been unveiled at!
  • Migration away from Wikia - as of January 9, 2019, we are working to shift all maintenance efforts away from Wikia to this new space. Welcome!
  • CC2LP1 Submission Opened - from October 31st 2018 until May 31st 2019 level submissions for CC2LP1 voting are open, submit here
  • CCCreator beta has been released - the fifth level editor Chip's Challenge Creator, download here!
  • The CCBC Discord is open The community Discord server for Chip's Challenge is now open publicly, join here!
  • CCLP4 has been released - as of July 14, 2017, Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4 is available to download here!
  • CC2 has been released - on May 28, 2015, after a sixteen year wait, Chip's Challenge 2 has finally been released on Steam! A re-release of Chip's Challenge 1 is also available on Steam.
  • CCLP1 has been released - as of March 28, 2014, Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 is available to download here!
  • YouTube - Our ChipWiki YouTube account is here!