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Christian Ståhl

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Christian Ståhl was one of the earliest level designers for Chip's Challenge. He created two custom level sets, ChristianS1 and ChristianS2, containing 11 and 9 levels respectively. Both of the ChristianS sets are among the oldest still available for download; neither set has been updated since March 2000.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
33 The Big Button Quest
37 The Mystery of the Seven Chips
46 Hurry Up, Chip!
62 Chips on the Blocks
65 Beware of the Teeth!
67 The One Sensible Chip
89 The Ghetto Defender
90 Marjolaine's Maze
101 Hard As Rock
102 Chip's Fight
107 Joyride I
114 Joyride II

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