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Get a Clue

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Get a Clue is the 46th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Alice Voith, whose levels had long been cult favorites. The level was included in the CCLP3 Level 1 competition and did not win, but made it into slot 46 regardless.

As described by the hint, the 10 rooms of Get a Clue are patterned after CLUE: the force floor slide in the middle is the cellar, the exit is in the billiard room, and the sliding pink balls due south represent the ballroom.

At the beginning of the level, only the central chips and room below the starting point are accessible. To solve the level, take the blue key and fire boots from this room, go through the room in the northwest, drown the bugs in the southeast and use the amassed keys to access each of the other rooms. A block must be taken from the southeast into the fireball cloning room, in order to reach 5 chips, but the rest of the level is straightforward enough.

278.6 route: Play in odd step. Go into the library and collect the blue key and the 3 chips behind the fire (the boots are hidden under the middle block). Enter the study and collect 3 chips and 2 red keys. Enter the teleport from the right to go to the kitchen, open the red door and push the resulting block D R [1] RR. From here, play DDRDL 4U to pick up the remaining chips in the room. Take the second block out of the room (waiting [1] for the bugs) and push it UL from the blue door. Place the block above the column of hidden walls, manually clone 2 fireballs (UDLURD) and wait [2] before flipping the toggle doors. Use the block to access the chips to the right, and collect the chip in the bombs. Go to the bottom of the staircase and collect the chips on the right side before entering the tank room: Chip will have to wait [1] on the way up and [2] before dealing with the tanks on the way down. Take the chips on the left side of the force floor path on the way to the ballroom, and collect the chips within before heading to the conservatory. From the red door, play LLDDLDRR to set the paramecium on a 4 move cycle, then enter the secret passage to the lounge. Move 2L 2U 2R 2U 5L to take the chips, then backtrack out the same way. Finally, enter the billiards room and move (from the green door) LDLUULLD to exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 46.png


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