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Item bestowal, also known as item pinning, is a glitch in Chip's Challenge 2. The glitch makes it possible, under certain circumstances, for monsters to obtain items when they otherwise shouldn't be able to.

Basic glitch

In order to bestow an item to a monster, the item must be placed on top of a force floor, and the monster must be on top of the item. Additionally, the monster must be unable to move when the level begins: the force floor must face an acting wall. This will add the item to the monster's inventory, and the monster will be able to use them. This can allow monsters to swim, treat ice like floor, move at twice their normal speed and become unable to kill players.

Each monster can only obtain one item this way. This item cannot be dropped, effectively rendering bestowed time bombs and bowling balls useless. Bestowed hiking boots, bribes, eyes have no effect on the monster, apart from preventing it from crossing the appropriate no signs. Fire boots also have no impact, except for yellow tanks. Additionally, yellow teleports cannot be bestowed.

Releasing the monsters

If the monster obtains suction boots, they should be able to move off the force floor on the second tick; otherwise, they will remain motionless for the entire level, unless released. A simple way to release the monster is with an inverter gate to flip the force floor on the second tick, after the item has been bestowed.

Another method is to use a random force floor. If the force floor sends the monster into an acting wall first, then in an open direction, the item will be bestowed. If the monster is sent in an open direction first, however, the item will remain on the force floor.

Yellow tanks

Items can be bestowed upon yellow tanks using the method described above. However, there is another method that allows much more flexibility, including the ability to bestow an unlimited amount of items, and at any time during the level.

The item must be placed under a block (all types of blocks work). Under ordinary circumstances, if a yellow tank were to try pushing such a block, they would simply flick the block off, and the item would remain. However, if the tank slides onto the block (using either ice, ice corners, force floors or a combination of these), it will pick up the item. All items, including yellow teleports, can be picked up this way.

The item does not need to be under a block at the beginning of the level; a block can be pushed onto it later during the level, and bestowal will still work.

If the yellow tank picks up a fifth item over the course of the level, it will drop the oldest item in the inventory. If this item is a yellow teleport, the tank will then teleport through it. Bowling balls will start rolling, usually smashing into the block that was just pushed. Time bombs will not begin counting down, and can be picked up again by the player.

As with the first method, bestowed hiking boots, bribes and eyes have no effect on yellow tanks, apart from preventing them from crossing the appropriate no signs.

Bestowing keys

Yellow, green and blue keys can be bestowed upon monsters using both methods described above (red keys can never be bestowed). However, monsters remain unable to open locks, so the keys will have no effect, apart from preventing the monsters from crossing the appropriate no signs.

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