Jumble II

Jumble II is the 97th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Mike Lask.

481 route: Collect the chips in the first room, then the fire boots and red key, then go through the thief and open the top yellow lock to get all the chips. Push the block D, press the red button, wait [3] and push the block into the water (following the glider which will explode the bomb). Go through the blue door, explode the bomb, get the flippers, and then collect the chips from the bug and paramecia. Now go into the water – push the right and left blocks U, then push the middle block R U. Now push blocks 3 and 4 onto the lowest buttons, then block 1 onto the top-right button, then block 2 onto the remaining button. Cross the traps, wait [1], collect the fire boots, wait [3], then push the lower block R 2D, then push the upper block across the right-hand water tile, collect the flippers from under the block to the right, and collect the yellow key and chips. Wait [1] then cross to the force floors. Collect the suction boots, then get the chip behind the blue door, then go through the yellow and red doors. Collect the 4 chips diagonally away from the glider, then press the green button and walk to the force slide (before the bug presses another green button which will trap Chip if he hesitates). Go down at the junction, then get the chips in the next 2 rooms, then follow the path to the block cloner. Clone blocks to explode the bombs and reach the last 2 chips and a yellow key. Use the latter to reach the sockets, and go along to another block cloner. Explode these bombs to reach the skates. Walk straight across to the next room – a force floor can be used to save some time. Get the red key and fire boots by opening a fake blue wall, then get 3 blue keys from the room below. Go through the blue doors, get the flippers, and walk through the monsters, and press a brown button, which will cause the walls to flip every [2] then [1]. Push the blocks across the water (right, then left), to reach the red key, then get the blue key (the tank can just be dodged). Now press the blue button, which should cause the tanks to stop. Get the green key, then the yellow key, then open the yellow door (pressing the brown button will stop the walls from flipping). Wait for the glider to pass, and exit.

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