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Ladder Needs a Wash

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Ladder Needs a Wash is the 41st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. The level is indeed shaped like a ladder, with chips on the rungs, and a little bit of dirt. Unfortunately, Chip's work here is complicated by some teeth. Even step is required.

Move down and collect the chips on rung 7, then rung 5, and now take one chip north over the base and dart RUL and 5U R 2L D 6L U, each of which will cause teeth to stumble over each other and clear away from spaces Chip will run through later. Now, pick up the chips along rung 1, the remaining base on the top, rung 2, and then run DRDR to open a shortcut to rungs 4 and 6.

Continue with rung 8, but now the teeth are too close to step directly back onto the base column; move down one row further and L 3D LU 6L DL. Now, Chip can take the rest of the chips similarly to the top edge of the ladder and move to the exit in the southeast.

Chip can also ignore the teeth completely, except for rungs 1 and 11, and get only a 206; though this still requires some close shaves with the teeth.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 41.png


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