Suction Ride

Suction Ride is the 5th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. While no more difficult to complete than its predecessors, the bold time requires skilled boosting.

Circle around the force floor circle, using the blocks above to remove a succession of bombs, and after pushing block 3 onto the track, play up above the track and hit the blue button before following. As the tank releases a glider which removes one bomb near a single chip in the vast empty space below, waiting until block 4 is pushed will put Chip about [6] closer to the blue button but make him reach the bomb several seconds before it explodes.

Finish the track, then collect the chip out back, and then slide back to the last three chips and the exit.

Faster routeEdit

The easiest route is the 377.0 displayed in the AVI. There is the possibility for a 377.4, but it requires more advanced technique. Rather than collect all four chips under blocks 2 and 3 in one pass, Chip can leave behind chip 4 in both locations and use the Headbanger Rule to override the force floor under it and move UD, taking only [1] each to pick them up instead of [2].

This is a more difficult boosting technique than simply following the block to its bomb, but if done correctly, it will reduce the boosting requirements in other locations. Whether the total route is harder or easier depends on the player.

Full level mapEdit



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