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Swivel door

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The swivel door, also known as a turnstile or swivel (and internally as an L door), is a terrain introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. It can only be entered from an open side, but exited in any direction. If exited through a closed side, it will rotate 90 degrees so that the exited side is now open. If Chip or Melinda pushes a block of any type on a swivel door from an open side, the player will flick the block off, as the block will cause the swivel door to rotate so that the player's side is now closed.

Swivel doors can be wired. If a swivel door is connected to a wire, then it will rotate 90 degrees clockwise each time the wire goes from off to on. Otherwise, the wire has no effect, and the swivel door behaves the same as if it were unwired. Gray buttons have the same effect when pressed and within range.

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