Waterslide is the 138th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by David Stolp.

134 route: Collect the flippers. Clone a block, then wait [10] before stepping onto the force floor so that the block can be rammed against the wall (the red button above must not be pressed until the chip is taken). Now slide down, collect the chip, then slide up towards the block. Step off to the right just before reaching the block, wait [1], then push the block U and immediately step L [0.5] 2R, so that the teeth below does not press the green button a second time (as this would cause a glider to block the exit). A block is now cloned at the top – however, it must reach the bomb by the exit before the cloned glider hits the brown button (which will release the glider by the exit). Therefore it is necessary to push the block from the down slides to the up slides to shorten its path.

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A slower solution involves using the blocks of the pi to build across to the force floors, and push a block along the force floors into the bomb.

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