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Amsterdam is the 65th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Actually, it's a rather frozen Amsterdam, with ice canals, but you can imagine it's winter. The general structure of the level is a "2" shape, with an arm under the northwest corner of the 2. Although Amsterdam is a fairly large maze, most of the sections run together with each other, so it is not hard.

Almost every block located between each of the 2x2 chip cells can only be pushed safely from one direction, with many of them causing the chip to be inaccessible if pushed the wrong way. The secret to solving Amsterdam quickly and with confidence is that Chip will never slide into a block from the wrong direction: any pitfall can be seen from solid floor.

Start by moving 2L from the start, then collect the obtainable chips from this path. After collecting these chips, go U from the fork and collect all possible chips while working around the outer edge. Upon reaching the first floor space on row 30, you can travel U through the rooms up to (9,14). From there slide >R and collect the 4 chips accessible from this square, then slide >LU to finish out this section. The last run is across row 30, which leads to the exit in the far southeast. The bold requires perfect boosting for the entire level, so be mindful of spring slides.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 65.png


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