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Beware of the Teeth!

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Beware of the Teeth! is the 65th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. There are only three teeth, but in very strategic locations. For example, slide 3 at the start leads to one, so avoid it. Use even step.

Take slide 4 for a yellow key, then use it on slide 1 and sneak under the teeth at the other side of the teleport to collect a green key. Now, escape through slide 2, take the keys, open the red lock with the red key, and sneak back into the paramecium's lair to open the toggle wall. Below that, take the first slide and follow the path to a 3-space landing.

Move 2D 2L, steal the red key from the teeth, then RDR 2D over three chips and then LDR to return to the landing. This time, move L from the top space, stick to the top and turn 3L D, and pass the second red lock to collect the remaining chips. Wait [2] and pass the pink balls across the top edge, then slide R to collect the flippers and return to the river in the southeast, which leads to the exit.


  • When Christian designed Beware of the Teeth!, it was named Beware of the frogs!, which is a common alternate name for the teeth.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 65.png


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