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Bit Busters Club

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This article is about the club in which Chip wishes to join in Chip's Challenge 1. For the homepage, see

The Bit Busters Club is the exclusive computer club in Chip's Challenge that Chip is trying to gain access to. The club is run by Melinda the Mental Marvel.

Microsoft version[edit]

In Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, Chip's main goal is to gain membership to the Bit Busters Club. To gain membership, he must beat Melinda's clubhouse, which constitutes the game of Chip's Challenge. Upon completion of level 144, Chip receives a message telling him that he has gained access to the Bit Busters Club, but he can also continue to explore the "secret levels" of the clubhouse (levels 145 to 149).

Other versions[edit]

In the Atari Lynx original, as well as all other ports produced prior to Microsoft's version, the Bit Busters Club is mentioned and plays an important role, though not as important as in MS. Melinda says that if Chip completes her challenge, he can become a member of the Bit Busters Club and take her to the Bit Busters' "E-Prom" (a pun on EPROM). As the game explains, "Chip has been a distant admirer of Melinda for a long time," and is more interested in taking Melinda to the E-Prom than joining the Bit Busters; however, at the end of the game, Chip achieves both goals.