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Block Party

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Block Party is the 4th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1, and the fourth of the lesson levels. In this level, the player will learn all about blocks and their various uses, such as being pushed into water to create dirt bridges or to blow up bombs.

Block Party is slightly more complicated than the previous three levels, but not by a particularly large margin. For the sake of being concise, here are a few areas of interest to acquire a 207:

  • In the red key section, push the bottom block into the second column of water first and then follow that up with the top block. Remember to clear the dirt before pushing the second block in, as blocks cannot travel over dirt.
  • To blow up the bombs, push the top block guarded by the red lock followed by the bottom block.
  • In the section with ice and force floors, you need to step off of a force floor sideways. Executing this trick is quite easy - simply hold right through the force floors when returning to push this block into the bomb at (25, 14).

The remainder of the level is mainly simply following the intended path. With enough perseverance, a score of 207 should be no problem, thus giving the level a difficulty rating of only 1.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp1 full map level 4.png


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