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Blue Blocks

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Blue Blocks is the 11th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Jacques Smith, utilizing the motif of pushing blocks through acting dirt - this time blue walls - that turns up in several CCLP3 levels, such as Maginot Line.

Push the first block L, continue to 2 chips, push the next block L to access one more, then push 2 blocks U across water. From (1,22) move L 2U (2U 2R) R U L (U 3R) 3D R 3U L U 7R 2D U 2R 2U L U L 5D 2U 2R U L U L 5D 4U 4R U R L U L U D 2L U L 11D 3L [1] 3R 9U 6R and through the blue wall path to another chip then another block. Continue N to a chip above an ice tile (there is no need to push the block to the left of this chip). Continue to 2 adjacent blocks (each with a chip under it). Push first block into the water (do not step on it) then the second block and continue L until the next block is reached. Now move D 2L 2D 3U 2L 3U (R 2U L 3U) 6U 5D 3R 3D R D 3L D L 11U to reach (0,0). Continue R to get one chip, move D to get another (under a block), then backtrack and continue R (pushing one block across water). Before pushing the next block, go L to get another chip. Now push the aforementioned block across, then another one, to reach (28,2). Now travel 3D R 2D U L 3U (R 5D) 2U R 8D. Collect 3 more chips and move the next block R 4D (clearing the necessary blue walls first). Continue 4D 2L 2D 7L U 3D 2L 2R U 7R 3U R 2U L 3D R D 7L D L 6U L 2R U 2R U (collecting last chip) 2D 6L 2U to exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 11.png


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