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My Friend

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My Friend is the 12th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. This level begins to explore the theme of brown buttons connecting to traps that are horizontally or vertically opposite, rather than seemingly random connections that require trial and error to solve; in such levels where the connections are arbitrary, a hint will often explain them. The traps are located on the opposite side of the wall or thin wall that keeps the teeth trapped on the button only while Chip is walking towards the corresponding trap. The key to optimization is thus to bunch buttons together as much as possible.

Since the teeth is the only monster in the level and Chip wants the teeth to move as quick as possible, odd step will always be profitable in MS while even step is similarly profitable in Lynx; here it is required for 125 in MS and is helpful to the bold time in Lynx, which exceeds the MS bold due to trap sliding.

Move straight east to trap 5, then step LD [1] 4U off the trap and let the teeth open up trap 4. Drop to trap 6, pulling the teeth down, and [7] will pass before it opens. Dip to the lowest row and step U over button 7, intended for trap 7, then wait [3] to pull the teeth onto it. Shift 2R and straight north, which will cause trap 2 to open, and then shift back 2L to send the teeth towards trap 1 and button 3.

Exact timing is necessary here, since the next button is button 2 for trap 3 and the upcoming L move must be done on the teeth's non-moving turn in order to lure him LU onto the button. Wait [5] before entering the trap, then pass trap 1 and trap 3 accordingly. Step LU 2L 2D [4] D off trap 3 to bring the teeth out and close enough to button 1 that Chip can then pass south towards its corresponding trap, number 8, to collect the final chip and exit the level.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 12.png


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