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Bowling is the 58th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by David Pinkston.

241 Route[edit]

Push the bottom block R, clone a fireball (which will explode the first bomb), move the block at (6,25) L, clone another fireball (which will explode the second bomb), move the bottom block L, clone another fireball and immediately push the nearest block R (so that the fireball will hit the blue button). Now release the glider, bridge to the green button, and across the force floor. Push the block 4D, wait [10.5] and push the block D so that the glider is deflected upwards into the bomb. Push the block (which slides back via the force floor) to explode the bomb above this one, allowing access to the top-left room. Wait [1.5] then push the block up and onto the ice, deflecting the fireball towards the green button (it will be trapped in this area). When the block returns, push it down and right to immediately above the exploded bombs, then get the green key and push the block U. Unlock the final block to the right, and explode the 4th bomb, allowing access to the top-right room. Push all the blocks left in order to get the blue key, then backtrack (it is necessary to wait for the block nearest the blue key to return) to the blue door and exit.


  • This level was slated to be placed in CCLP2, but the staff was unable to contact David for permission.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 58.png


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