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A C2S file (having the extension .c2s) is the file format where Chip's Challenge 2 stores a levelset's top-level save data.

The file is a binary file consisting of several sections one after the other, terminated by the END section. Each section begins with a section header, which is followed by the section's data. Unlike the C2H file, there is only one save block, which represents the current save state of the levelset.

All data in the file is little-endian.


Section header[edit]

Bytes Content
4 Four character code identifying the section, see table below. Codes shorter than 4 characters (such as "END") are padded with spaces (making "END " in this case).
4 The length of the section's data

Section types[edit]

Section ID Content Type Content
CC2S Null-terminated string The file's version. The latest version is "7".
FILE Null-terminated string The levelset's file name (*.c2g)
PATH Null-terminated string The full path to the game data directory (i.e. the directory containing the .c2g file listed in the FILE block)
GAME 100 bytes Save data. The format is identical to the format of the SAVE section in C2H files. This block describes the last level played, and the total score for the levelset.
END No content (length is 0) Signifies end of file