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CC2 Rejects

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CC2 Rejects is a level set for Chip's Challenge 2 consisting of 200 levels by 15 different designers. 193 of these levels were submitted for inclusion in Chip's Challenge 2, but were rejected; the remaining 7 levels were submitted past the deadline and could not be included in voting.

The levels were assembled in a single set by Joshua Bone. They were ordered by the difficulty rating they received during initial voting, with minor changes. In Joshua's words, "This turns out to be not always very accurate!"

While the set was only released to the public on May 17, 2016, the levels were designed between September 1998 and April 1999, making them older than any custom level sets currently available for download.[1]


All 200 levels were solvable at the time they were designed; however, in the following years, minor changes were made to the CC2 game engine, which may have rendered some of the levels unsolvable - although Joshua says this is not likely. Since the set's public release, there is no record of anyone who has completed all 200 levels; whether or not there are unsolvable levels is unknown.

List of designers[edit]

Name Number of levels
Scott Feeney 11
Ruben Spaans 2
Rick Bellamy 3
Richard Field 3 (+1)
Remi Spaans 2
Nick Lauria 35
LimoJohn 2
Joshua Bone 66
Danny Field 2 (+1)
Chuck Sommerville 12 (+2)
C. Scott Davis 16
Brad McCleary 17
Bill Darrah 12 (+3)
Åsa Ehinger Berling 6
Anders Bager 7
  • Danny Field is the only designer to have had all of his levels rejected.
  • Caitlyn Field and Darren Loney have levels in the official set but not in this set.
  • The numbers in parentheses indicate levels credited to several designers. Bill Darrah made two levels with Chuck Sommerville and one with Joshua Bone; Richard and Danny Field also made one level together.


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