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Joshua Bone

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Joshua Bone is a noteworthy level designer, having fifteen of his compositions in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, and for designing 52 levels for and beta testing Chips Challenge 2, but otherwise is generally unknown to the Chip's Challenge community.

Joshua has one level set, named "JoshB_LYNX". It is one of the few level sets designed with the Lynx Ruleset in mind, so it contains levels that are busted in the MS Ruleset or do not work as intended in that ruleset. This set has 37 levels, 31 of which were eligible for inclusion in CCLP3. Fifteen of them were voted into the set, and his level Spiral was voted the highest in the fun category, and How to Get Around in Venice was voted the second-highest in that category.

Levels in official packs[edit]



Design style[edit]

Joshua's levels usually are small or medium in size, and their difficulty ranges from very simple to medium. As such, most of his levels are placed early in CCLP3. Marooned was placed as level 126, however, it is a simple level and was intentionally placed later in the set by staff. Diabolical was placed as level 148, but only to serve as a break after possibly the most challenging level in CCLP3, Avalanche. His levels usually contain simple but elegant puzzles and the occasional dodging of monsters. One predominant theme of his levels is clever interactions with monsters, for example, with the fireball in Redoubled Effort, the teeth in Marooned, the bugs in Mud and Water, or the tanks and pink balls in Lichenstein. He also pioneered and popularized several concepts, such as disturbing bug and paramecia lines like in Swarm or Mud and Water, and the backtracking concept seen in Carried Away or Spiral. His levels' leisureliness, ingenuity, and aesthetics of his levels are the reason are so well-received.