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Chip's Workshop

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Chip's Workshop is a level editor created by Chris Elsby and is the second level editor ever made. It was first released in 2008, and the latest version was released in 2011.

Technical details[edit]

Chip's Workshop is coded using C++ and uses the wxWidgets toolkit. A pre-compiled binary for Windows is available, and a package for Debian GNU/Linux also exists. Chip's Workshop can also be manually compiled on other Linux distros. After some minor changes, it can also be compiled and run on macOS, but this is not tested or supported by Elsby.


  • Chip's Workshop is the first level editor to support playtesting in Tile World, but does not support testing in Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge.
  • Chip's Workshop makes it possible to select tiles based on hex ID, making it easy to add 00Floor and other such tiles to levels.
  • Chip's Workshop uses Tile World's tileset by default, but the user can also specify a custom tileset. Tilesets can also be scaled to various shapes and sizes, including non-square rectangles.
  • It is free and open source.

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