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Cityblock is the 87th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Cityblock's different sections and dizzying puzzles create a unique, yet mind-bendingly difficult puzzle.

There are six chips in the beginning room; they can be collected as such: 13U 2L 3U 3L (2D, 4R URU collecting the right chip) 2D 3L ULULD, go to swap the toggle wall, and then return to the spot just left and then LUDL. Now, swap the walls one last time, which allows Chip to drop into the pyramid and take the chip. The top four chips are blocked out by a toggle wall wedge; move the blocks with open walls U, and then switch the walls which allows the wedges to be removed.

In the water section, 33 blocks will be required from the beginning section; use 29 that are immediately available and four that can be collected later from the area around the pyramid in the lower left of the start. Rather than continue to slave away to collect eight more blocks from this area (a total of 41 are required), use eight of the nine blocks in the lower section below the socket.

In the exit area, Chip will need to watch his moves carefully; he has already spent a long time. More wedge strategy will be necessary.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 87.png


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