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Drawn and Quartered

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Drawn and Quartered is the 79th level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level is quartered into four sections; fourteen chips are around the edges of each one, and none of the sections are hard. The only difficulty is knowing which direction to teleport for the best effect, and a small trick in the second room that conveniently removes the fireballs.

Walk south and remove all 14 chips, teleport west into room 2, and then continue to move 3L D, which will release the fireballs into the first room and away from the bottom at the price of only [2]. Collect the remaining chips in the second room, teleport north and clean out the third room from the top across, and then teleport west to room 4.

Finish with 3U, take the chips on the right side, and then backtrack to the rest of the chips to the left; the exit in the center of the level. Fireball interference should only cost [3], the [2] from the 3L D move and [1] waiting for a fireball near the northwest corner.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 79.png


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