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Eeny Miny Moe

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Eeny Miny Moe is the 68th level in Chip's Challenge 1. While certainly more diverse than Chipmine, it could be even harder. Any sort of enthusiast of fun puzzles will still love this level.

There are three separate sections to Eeny Miny Moe.

  • Paramecium: Travel all the way to the center, take the chips, and get out. The paramecium won't bother Chip yet; however, they will continue to clone and sometimes invade the second section.
  • Water: Open the green lock, prepare the blocks on the very end of the water as shown, and then break into the very top of the row of blocks. Chip will be using most of these blocks to create a pattern; move the first two blocks into the water above the first two chips, and then move the even blocks down a space, the odd blocks left one space, and then the even blocks down to the water. Finish with the loose block in the very last water space on the right, collect one more block and use it on the far left, then drop every block into the water to take all the chips one by one.
  • Glider: Open the last green lock, to the left of the exit, and join the glider stream. Ignore the first two chips, but take the rest all the way around the circle until only three remain. Take the single chip on the top, the two on the left, and then scram.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 68.png


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