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The glider, called a ship in Chip's Challenge 2 and known by many nicknames, including flyer, plane, shark, kite, and ghost (not to be confused with actual ghosts in CC2), is a monster in Chip's Challenge. It moves in a straight line until it hits an obstacle, and then turns either left, right, or backwards, in that order of priority, depending on which directions are blocked. If all four directions are blocked, it will stay stationary until some way out is allowed. Gliders survive water, but die to bombs. Gliders die to fire in MS, but treat fire as walls in Lynx and CC2.

The following diagram illustrates these properties:

Glider demo.png

From where it is, the glider is trapped until Chip releases the green button, at which point it will move to the water and then turn to the east if Chip leaves the water where it is, or turn east immediately, touching the green button, if the water is made into dirt. However, if Chip makes dirt and removes it, the glider will play south, turn north due to the up force floor, and continue to turn up and down until Chip either touches the green button again or removes some other dirt.

After a green button press, the glider could be either trapped at the start if it was on [1, 2] or [1, 1] on the same turn as the button press, or in any other situation, will deflect west off the toggle wall and explode the bomb. If Chip removes a dirt space instead, the glider can then move in that direction. Should Chip remove [1, 0] first, due to the thin wall north now on this space, the glider will burn in the fire.


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