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Elite is the 119th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Derek Bowser.

501 route: Slide up to get the chips, then get more chips and fire boots from the top right, press the red button twice, collect the yellow key and suction boots, then get the flippers, press the green button, collect the chips and red key, collect the chips and blue key behind the red door, press the green button again, then go through the blue door and across the thief. Clone blocks to explode the bombs below, collecting the top 4 chips in the process, collect the blue key and the bottom 4 chips, get the fire boots, then the suction boots, then collect the chips and yellow key from the blue/invisible wall maze. Now press the blue button then clone 2 more blocks and explode the bombs to the right. Go through the thief, past the key-swapping section, through the fireballs to collect the fire boots, through the gliders to collect the flippers, then walk along the bottom row. After uncovering the red button, explode all 3 bombs along the bottom, then build along the bottom to reach the yellow key, collect the red key from under the block 3U 2R from the red door, and use this block and the remaining block to reach the yellow door. Go through another key-swapper, and dodge the pink balls to collect the remaining chips. Go through the socket to reach the green key, press the green button behind the green door at the bottom, then using the other green doors, build back to the glider room. Return to the start, pick up the skates behind the green door, and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 119.png


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