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Jumble is the 27th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tyler Sontag, and was named Obstacle Course in the original set. The name change was likely to resolve a naming issue between it and the other CCLP3 level of the same name

223 route: From the first recessed wall, move L 4U 2L D 3L U L (3D) 6R D 5L U L 2D U 2R 3D 3R 2U R U 6L U L 3D 2U 3R 3D R 2U D 2R 2U 5L U L 2D to hold down all the traps (note that the middle block has a bomb underneath it) allowing the force floor room to be reached. Move 4L U R (sliding up from the random force floor) U R R U, collect the red key, move through the ice to the red door, and clone 5 blocks to cross the water to reach the key maze (using force floors to speed up the route back to the clone machine). There is only one possible route to reach the fire boots. From the fire, move 3D 2R 3D L D 2L U 2L 4U L (to avoid being killed by the bugs). Explode the bomb with the block (which contains flippers under it), swim round to pick up the red key, unlock the red door above, and clone 5 blocks to build a path to and explode the bomb. Move to the bottom left corner of this next room, wait [1] then move U [1 or 2, depending on whether you are an even or odd number of steps away from the left glider] 10U 3R [4] 2L [4] 2R [2] 3L 6D U [1] U [1] 4U 3R [5] D and continue through the path to reach the suction boots. Now walk to the teleports and move L D R U L D U R D R U L 2U L U R(>U) L U 3R 2D R U R 3D R 5U L U R D and continue to the toggle wall room. Collect the blue key, flip the walls, collect the yellow key and go through both doors. Move 12R (exploding a bomb), then push the lower block R D, and then push the upper block D 7L [1] L U R. This will cause the fireballs to explode bombs, finishing with (23,8), which allows Chip to exit.


  • This is the first level in CCLP3 where the bold route is not guaranteed 100% of the time under the MS ruleset. This is not the case in the Lynx Ruleset. Because of different random force floor and walker behaviors, the bold route for the first 35 levels of CCLP3 will work every time. One must go to Zelgon's Lair to find an unconstrained blob, the only non-deterministic aspect of the Lynx ruleset.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 27.png


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