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Lesson 3 (CC2 level)

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Lesson 3 is the 19th level in Chip's Challenge 2, and the third lesson level. It introduces Melinda as a playable character for the very first time. It was created by Chuck Sommerville.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 19.png


  • This is Melinda. Being female, she does some things differently than Chip.
  • She doesn't slide when she steps on ice, but she needs hiking boots to walk on dirt or gravel.
  • One of these blue walls is a fake. Push on them to find out which one it is.
  • One of these green walls will pop down while you are standing on it. Try stepping on them to find it.
  • This room has invisible walls in it that appear when you bump into them.
  • There are invisible walls in this room that disappear again after you bump into them.
  • Blue teleports are linked to other blue teleports. They are linked in a predictable order. See if you can learn the rule.
  • The red teleports are also linked to other red teleports but with a different rule than the blue teleports.
  • The green teleports send you to a random green teleporter in a random direction.
  • The orange buttons control the flame jets. Move the dirt around to hold the buttons down while you pick up chips.
  • Notice that the button under this dirt block works differently from the others.
  • You can drop the right-most tool from the right hand tool box by pressing the <Drop Item> key.
  • Pressing the <Cycle> key will rearrange the tools in your toolbox.
  • These steel walls are indestructible. Other walls can be destroyed by a time bomb.
  • Pick up this time bomb and drop it on the red arrow then back away at least 3 squares and wait for it to explode.
  • Don't step in the green slime. Push this dirt block over it to clear a path through it.
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