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Lesson 5 (CC2 level)

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Lesson 5 is the 50th level in Chip's Challenge 2, and the fifth of the lesson levels. It was created by Chuck Sommerville.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 50.png


  • Stand on the brown buttons to open the trap.
  • Once you get on a railroad track, you can only change direction at junctions.
  • Railroad tracks can only be entered from the open end.
  • Ghosts can not go through steel walls.
  • Ghosts will not cross water.
  • Ghosts will not cross custom walls or floors.
  • If you bump into walls while carrying the steel foil, it will turn them into steel walls.
  • Use the foil to trap the ghost.
  • Pick up the RR sign to cross railroad tracks.
  • You will need these fire boots to enter the rover room.
  • The rover monsters change mood now and then. Watch them carefully.
  • The shield will protect you from monsters.
  • Purple buttons can be wired to things. This one is wired to two purple toggle doors.
  • The purple buttons turn wires 'on' when something holds them down.
  • Some purple toggle doors are open when their input is 'on', some are closed. They change state when their input changes.
  • Wired traps are open when their input is 'on'.
  • Wires can go through steel walls.
  • Purple buttons can be wired to other things like clone machines.
  • Purple buttons can be wired to flame jets.
  • Flame jets change state when their input goes from 'off' to 'on'.
  • The wire tunnels under the floor here.
  • When you drop a bowling ball it rolls until it hits something.
  • Stand on the red arrow facing the red bomb and drop the bowling ball.
  • Bowling balls can pick up tools. Roll this ball over the flippers to hit the green toggle button.
  • If a teleport exit is blocked, you are teleported to the next station.
  • Push this block between the two red arrows to block the teleport exit.
  • You will have to get this ball to go through the yellow teleport to destory the bomb.
  • If all yellow teleport exits are blocked in the direction you are going, you will pick up the teleport.
  • First move the top teleport into the bomb hallway, then move the bottom teleport in front of the ball.
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