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Lesson 6 (CC2 level)

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Lesson 6 is the 60th level in Chip's Challenge 2, and the sixth of the lesson levels. It was created by Chuck Sommerville.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 60.png


  • When you have the lightning bolt, standing on a wire turns the wire on.
  • Remember that wired flame jets change state when their input goes from off to on.
  • Monsters can eat blue keys. In this room you will have to race a monster to pick up a blue key.
  • You will not be fast enough to pick up the key without these speed boots.
  • When you step on this trap release, the race is on.
  • These on/off switches can send power down the wires they are attached to.
  • Red teleports that are wired can be turned on and off.
  • When blue teleports are wired together, you can only exit other teleports on the same circuit.
  • The black button output is always on, unless it is pressed.
  • You must turn off the power from all buttons attached to a wire for the wire to turn off.
  • Push these 3 blocks onto the 3 buttons to turn off the power to the purple toggle door.
  • The vertical and horizontal outputs of black buttons are on separate circuits.
  • Line these 3 blocks up vertically, then again horizontally.
  • The grey buttons change the state of things in a 5 by 5 square around them.
  • When there is a red dot on a train track junction, it becomes a switch.
  • Track switches change every time something goes over them.
  • When a track switch is wired, it changes state when its input goes from off to on.
  • This is a thief bribe. if you have it, the thief will take the bribe instead of your tools.
  • Here is another thief bribe to keep you from losing your red key.
  • This room has a mirror Chip. he will move anytime you move. he follows your lead.
  • This button will release the mirror chip from his tiny cell.
  • Try to get the mirror chip to step on this button so you can exit.
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