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Loop Around

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Loop Around is the 58th level in Chip's Challenge 1. It is actually a deceptively hard level; hidden walls and blue walls abound, and no clear route is defined anywhere. The step-savers are also quite obscure.

Begin with R 2U LU, hold east into the next room (be careful not to overshoot into the hidden wall, otherwise you will be killed by the pink ball), and escape the two pink balls to take the flippers. The entrance to the N is on the far right, lined up directly with the chip, and the exit from this room is also on this line. Now, bust up to the northeast room, take the clockwise path around, and bust into the room on the right side. Now, follow the ball down and enter the G to take the chips, and finally return to the start of the level.

At this point, wait [1] and then take the track to the left, then lodge into the sixth blue wall as another ball passes underneath. The wait allows Chip to continue unencumbered D 4L 5D, then towards the chips on the right. Finally, travel to the U, bust through the walls to the left and 3U 2L, and pick up the remaining chips (these can be collected without the flippers, but it is quicker to collect them with the flippers). The exit is just down the path.

Easter eggs[edit]

  • The letters in all four areas spell DUNG, referring to one of the CC1 playtesters named Dung Dang, and has no meaning within the game.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 58.png


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