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Memory is the 103rd level in Chip's Challenge 1. Like similar levels close to it in the lineup, Memory is a collection of cells; this level is a rough 8x8 grid, with chips in 37 of the cells, and the cells broken up by toggle walls and tanks. The main fork in the level is located after the initial moves of 5L 7U RU 4R 4D LD 12L R 4U L, just stepping L off one of the green buttons. North moves towards the exit, while west and east contain many of the chips.

West: 3L (3D L 4D 5R [D] 4R, 4R) U 4L DL 5D into the southwest area, where three tanks guard two paths of chips and one green button. Move (R 3D) LU 3L into the main fork here, then (3D [R] 3L D) for one chip path, (3R D 2R 3D, 4L) to hit the green button, and (UR 3U [U] 4L 4U [L :L] 3R UR 4U 4L [D] L 3U 4U U, 4L) to collect the long chip path. Return back to the first main fork, walking 4R 5U 6R D 2R.

East: Switch the tanks with (4U), then continue RU 4R 4U (L 4U R) 3R D 4R UR 4U L (3L D) 4U R 4U L, and note here that [22, 5] must be collected now and the blue button pressed on the way out. Chip lands [5] away from a noteworthy chip at [18, 6], but a specific path through the rest of the level will put him only [4] away, and hence only [22, 5] should be taken now. Take this and touch both blue and green buttons, then move (D 8L U) 4D (3L D) and continue to switch buttons back out to the main fork, as the north path opens.

North: It is allowable to hit the blue button zero or two times with no preference; zero is usually simpler, but two can substitute if Chip touches the button accidentally. Take the chip above this tank and move 5U 3R 4L (3U R) 2D R 2D, specifically choosing the 4L move to land Chip closer to [18, 6] as previously mentioned, and proceed towards the exit in the northwest: 4L 4D LD 4L 4U RU (3R 4U R 4U L 3U [U] 4R) 3U LR 3U, which again offers a choice between zero or two presses. Using zero, move L 2U R 3U L (4R U) 4L (U, 3D [R] 3L D) 4L, into the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 103.png


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