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Producing is the 64th level of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Andrew Raykowski.

319 route: Cross the fireball path twice then move down to the bottom-right corner of the glider room, then move right and onto the ice 3 times in order to lure the teeth up. Then move to the left (following a glider) and down 3, and move down as soon as the teeth hits the green button (it must not be allowed to drown). Now move to the right into the fireball room – push the block UL from the brown button, go back to get the 2 chips (the fireball should pass underneath Chip) and get the chip behind the trap.

Move to the top of this column (next to the pink ball column), collect the green key and go back through the green door to the glider room. Collect chips 4, 5 and 6 from this room (behind the green doors) and bounce against the ice as before to lure the teeth up. Allow the teeth to hit the green button, and go through the first green door that was opened. Take the lowest force floor to get a red key and return to the glider room.

Collect chips 1 and 2, go through the red door, collect the 4 chips past the ice, and push the block onto the fire square so that the fireballs are deflected towards a green button. Collect the remaining chips from the glider room and move down to the toggle wall chain. After a while the walls will switch every 2 steps. Follow the gliders round to collect a blue key and 12 chips, and go back through the toggle walls to the blue door in the bottom-right of the initial glider room (use the centre part as a shortcut). Collect the yellow key and move through the tanks to collect 2 chips.

Follow the gliders back to the toggle walls, then go back to the initial glider room and collect the chip behind the yellow door. Now collect the final 5 chips – Chip can sneak through to the toggle walls without having to go round the glider circuit again. Go through the toggle walls and the glider room to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 64.png


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