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Countdown is the 65th level of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tom Rowe.

66 route: Teleport U, move left off the top force floor, push block 1 U (using only the lower 2 recessed walls) and block 2 onto the rightmost button. Push the other 2 blocks onto the buttons and teleport U into the next room. Move block 3 L, block 2 D, block 3 U, block 2 R, then move the other blocks into place and teleport L. Move block 3 onto the top-right button, then move blocks 1 and 2 and teleport U. Move block 3 D, block 1 2D L, block 2 2R, block 3 D L, block 1 2D and teleport R. Move block 1 onto the top button, block 2 onto the bottom-right button and block 3 onto the remaining button, and teleport U. Move block 2 L, block 3 L 3U, block 1 4R, block 4 4L U (pushing block 2 onto the button en route). Teleport R. Move block 2 U, block 1 2L 4U, block 2 L, block 5 D, block 6 R 2U, block 4 U (picking up suction boots), block 3 3L, then move blocks 2 and 3 onto their buttons. Now teleport L U D U, push the block above down into the teleport and follow, jumping out of the block’s way to the left, push it into the bomb, and exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 65.png


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