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SuperCC, often known as SuCC, is an open-source Chip's Challenge emulator written in Java. It was created by Markus O. and has been maintained by A Sickly Silver Moon following Markus' departure from the community. Unlike Tile World, which aims to emulate the game as closely as possible, SuperCC is geared towards optimizers and can be considered a TASing program.

SuperCC emulates the MS ruleset and does not support Lynx or CC2 at this time.


SuperCC does not emulate the game in real time, taking a step-by-step approach instead. After each move, the game is paused until the player makes another move, or performs a half-wait by pressing the spacebar. Bad moves can also be rewinded with the backspace key. Additionally, it is possible to save previous playing states and load them again afterwards.

Unlike Tile World and MSCC, which only show a 9 by 9 viewport, SuperCC can display the entire 32 by 32 map at once. Additionally, the default tileset clearly identifies real and fake blue walls, hidden walls and invisible walls, making levels such as Now You See It far less challenging.

Another feature unique to SuperCC is seed searching. In levels featuring random elements, SuperCC can search through all random seeds for the ones that will result in an optimal solution.


SuperCC emulates the MS ruleset very accurately, and is able to playback all solutions from the public TWS. The few remaining emulation issues involve mouse usage, certain invalid tile combinations, and obscure glitches such as the Tank Top Glitch, Convergence Glitch and Multiple Tank Glitch. Apart from mouse usage, none of these affect official levels.

Partial support for data resetting was also added, allowing many insane levels to be solved. However, the most insane level ever! remains unsolvable in SuperCC as the autopsy reset does not work.

Miscellaneous data[edit]

File formats[edit]

SuperCC can read levels in DAT format, and playback TWS solutions. By default, SuperCC solutions are stored in JSON format, plain text files containing a list of moves. SuperCC can also export solutions into TWS format, with anti-cheating modifications.

Platform support[edit]

SuperCC is written in the Java programming language and distributed in a JAR file; it can run on any system that supports Java 8 or later, including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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