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Chip's Challenge Wiki:News

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  • CCLP5 voting open - on September 23, 2022, community voting for CCLP5 began and will close October 31, 2023. See the announcement here.
  • CCLP5 voting coming soon - on April 10, 2021, submissions for CCLP5 officially opened. Submissions closed on October 10, 2021 with voting set to open soon. See more info here.
  • CC2LP1 has been released - As of October 9, 2020, Chip's Challenge 2 Level Pack 1 is available to download here!
  • Yahoo! Groups closing - With the announcement of the closure of Yahoo! Groups in October 2019, we have made an effort to preserve all files from the Chip's Challenge Yahoo! group at Where appropriate, links throughout the wiki have been updated.
  • CC2LP1 voting period open - As of July 16, 2019, voting for CC2LP1 is now live! Vote here. For more info, see here.
  • CC2LP1 submissions closed - on June 1, 2019, submissions for CC2LP1 officially closed. A fixing period will last until July 12. See more info here.
  • is open - the long awaited community hub for Chip's Challenge has finally been unveiled at!
  • Migration away from Wikia - as of January 9, 2019, we are working to shift all maintenance efforts away from Wikia to this new space. Welcome!