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Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4

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Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4, often abbreviated as CCLP4, is the fourth community level pack for Chip's Challenge 1 released on 14 July 2017.

Assembly of the CCLP4 staff, as well as discussion about the project, dates back to as early as November 2012; however, the project was put on hold in favor of a more beginner friendly set - CCLP1. After CCLP1's release, it was announced by Michael Warner on November 2nd, 2014 on the newsgroup that submissions for CCLP4 were being accepted for the set, however, at the time no one showed enough interest in such a project.

After CC2's release on May 28th, 2015, there was debate on whether to make any more level packs for the original game or to move on to the first custom CC2 pack. This ultimately led to various amount of polls and concerns on where members of the community stood with the project, with results showing more favor of another CCLP and holding off on a CC2 pack until more custom levels for the game are created.

On October 31st, 2015, it was announced that the project will get underway and thus submissions were officially being accepted. Shortly after, an official staff was formed and testing began. It was also announced that CCLP4 would be another set of 149 Lynx-compatible levels like previous CCLPs and the overall difficulty would be a mix of its predecessors, but not harder than the levels seen in late CCLP3. Deadline for submissions was announced to be March 1st, 2016.

By the close off date, 3,940 levels (including 74 already in CCLP1 and 39 in CCLP3) were submitted for CCLP4 consideration. The actual number of eligible levels is currently unknown, but estimated to be somewhere around 3,000.

On May 28, 2017, the official CCLP4 logo was revealed, as well as a series of leaks on the CCLP4 site for the set's upcoming release. The CCLP4 trailer was revealed on June 21, showcasing 21 levels, one per designer.

List of CCLP4 levels[edit]

# Level Title Password Time Limit Level Designer
1 Molecule CDLM 200 Jeffrey Bardon
2 Pixelated Fire KPIF 300 Eddy Limb
3 Fossilized Snow FLZL 250 Jeffrey Bardon
4 Oasis OTKC 250 Jeffrey Bardon
5 Non-Dimensional Layer ZICN 325 Jeffrey Bardon
6 Proving Grounds CXGY 400 J.B. Lewis
7 In the Pool XQJJ 120 Rock Généreux
8 The Fourth Dimension IDOX 440 Josh Lee
9 Pinball SFAR 300 Andrew Menzies
10 Stuck in Emerald WCIJ 100 Josh Lee
11 Keyboard Malfunction BZHQ 400 Josh Lee
12 Rivets CNZJ 300 Joshua Bone
13 Encased in Carbonite IPUC 300 Andrew Menzies
14 Poly-Gone GZKW 400 Cybersmack
15 Cross Back LOKE 300 Andrew Menzies
16 Reservoir Frogs AULP 350 J.B. Lewis
17 The Three Trials NWZE 333 Michael Sugantino
18 Inferno Dynamics DLXR 300 Gigih Agung Pradipta
19 Conservation of Keys YOTS 200 Josh Lee
20 It's No Skin Off My Teeth HVNI 400 Josh Lee
21 Glacial Palace SPPL 350 Jeffrey Bardon
22 Bodyguards ZLPL 300 Andrew Menzies
23 Western Standards of Living ZYKG 450 Josh Lee
24 It's Easy Being Green UXKC 450 Josh Lee
25 Difficulty Switch NBLV 500 Andrew Menzies
26 Shrub PHIR 300 Josh Lee
27 Suburban Legend WYBM 450 Jeffrey Bardon
28 Zephyr Heights WXGK 500 Josh Lee
29 Flipper Departments VPXB 400 Josh Lee
30 Hoodwinked WMZK 100 Cybersmack
31 Big Boulder Alley IIWT 500 Jeffrey Bardon
32 Blended Brussels Sprouts ORQI 350 Jeffrey Bardon
33 Tool Shed UAAY 300 Andrew Menzies
34 Frozen Waffle CGOG 200 Jeffrey Bardon
35 Chasing Chips FLGK 450 Cybersmack
36 One Who Raids Tombs FWAV 600 Eddy Limb
37 Tropical Hibiscus PLOX 450 Josh Lee
38 Detonation Station IXTS 250 Josh Lee
39 In the Walls of Gravel Castle YEZW 600 Josh Lee
40 Periodic Lasers WFJZ 200 Andrew Menzies
41 Ghetto Piranha ZUDA 400 Josh Lee
42 Nova Prospect RJUI 300 Eddy Limb
43 Coral Reef NPKF 500 Jeffrey Bardon
44 Blobfield PKXT 444 Andrew Menzies
45 Seven-Layer Salad QJIG 450 Eddy Limb
46 Exclusive Or VJFI 300 Tyler Sontag
47 Antidisruptive Caves IIQC 400 Jeffrey Bardon
48 Key Insight FSGT 350 Jeffrey Bardon
49 Block Parking FSJS --- chipster1059
50 Secret Underground Society TWXM 430 Jeffrey Bardon
51 Ice in a Blender WTUH 429 Jeffrey Bardon
52 It Suits the Purpose JKYT 180 Zane Kuecks
53 Protect Your Fortress GKPN 450 Tyler Sontag
54 Split Path ERBL 220 Zane Kuecks
55 If I Ran the Zoo EWRI 600 Joshua Bone
56 Fireworks Factory IXRS 750 Josh Lee
57 Bisection IEKN 500 Jeffrey Bardon
58 Ruinous Plaza YBOO 450 Josh Lee
59 Blockpick AYJV 400 Jeffrey Bardon
60 Flippant IPPP 300 Tyler Sontag
61 Blue Tooth ULLR 600 J.B. Lewis
62 Block Unpuzzle AZXY 400 Andrew Menzies
63 Pneumatic Diversity Vents UKDE 650 Andrew Menzies
64 Excuse Me THVV 400 Andrew Menzies
65 Duplex DETZ 700 Josh Lee
66 Anaconda SDAY 300 Henry Potts
67 Nuclear Energy for Dummies PBDM 400 Trevor Hedges
68 Cold Fusion Reactor MZTT --- Jeffrey Bardon
69 Ball in an Awkward Place MKFF 500 Josh Lee
70 Science Museum MLZL 450 J.B. Lewis
71 Puuf MQMT 200 Rock Généreux
72 Sewerway GNHV 500 Archie Pusaka
73 Sealed Doors in the Spacecraft TELT 300 Josh Lee
74 Technopathic TNEL 471 Tyler Sontag
75 Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster AARG 480 Jeffrey Bardon
76 Flow State XNVY 500 Jeffrey Bardon
77 Brick Block Facility AWEQ 600 Josh Lee
78 Aquatic Ruins VCZB 600 Jeffrey Bardon
79 Spring RYXZ 500 Tyler Sontag
80 Monster Swapper PVQF 400 Andrew Menzies
81 Estranged for a Season DKEZ 450 Eric Schmidt
82 Puzzle Box JEZO --- Henry Potts
83 Frozen Over MKYE 500 Josh Lee
84 Forsythia ABNH 550 Tyler Sontag
85 Nectar Meadow DQBB 600 Josh Lee
86 Cyprus PRAR 400 Tyler Sontag
87 And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down FCVL 600 Andrew Menzies
88 Empty Rooms JCXL 400 Tyler Sontag
89 Diametric Opposition TIJU 450 Jeffrey Bardon
90 Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy SPCH 480 Jeffrey Bardon
91 How to Retune Your Harp BNSX 500 Jeffrey Bardon
92 Fire Is My Enemy BKIE 600 Josh Lee
93 Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing SRVL 500 Josh Lee
94 Ditchdigger CLHO 600 Archie Pusaka
95 Ravaged SFOC 665 Josh Lee
96 Lean Thinking XWSF --- Ida Roberthson
97 Lockdown WCRV 350 Zane Kuecks
98 Clay Tunnel KJZC 600 Josh Lee
99 Ice Cavern SHNW 400 Henry Potts
100 One Tank's Adventure DOGI 999 Andrew Menzies
101 Condo Management IMCR 600 Josh Lee
102 The Key Issue IBOI 400 Ida Roberthson
103 Malachite ULGG 700 Josh Lee
104 Dual XBLT 222 Markus O.
105 Living Things ZCLS 500 Josh Lee
106 Gridlock USSA 300 Cybersmack
107 Combinations ZETB --- Andrew Menzies
108 Scatterbrained KQIZ 700 Andrew Menzies
109 Shemozzle BAVY 60 J.B. Lewis
110 Keyrithmetic QOIZ --- Andrew Menzies
111 Water Bottle AMJL 200 Markus O.
112 Triple Mint Slurpee GEHT 600 Josh Lee
113 Half of You, Half of Me BREL 449 Rock Généreux
114 Repugnant Nonsense ASGV 750 Tyler Sontag
115 Overlap NZAR --- Rock Généreux
116 They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing YKIP 500 Eric Schmidt
117 Greenian Motion LNMX 300 Josh Lee
118 Chip Controls YQKZ 500 Markus O.
119 Strandquist JRVM 650 Josh Lee
120 Construct-a-Sokoban AGUI 800 Markus O.
121 Death and Destruction IHGB 550 Tyler Sontag
122 Jigsee QBSE 900 Andrew Menzies
123 Life Is Not a Puzzle NAYZ 850 Josh Lee
124 Air Bubble FZJQ 150 Jeffrey Bardon
125 Beautiful Struggle CHOT 750 Josh Lee
126 Bind Mender NVMW 177 Miika Toukola
127 Wrong Exit JGWA 300 Markus O.
128 Mindless Self-Indulgence DBOT 700 Tyler Sontag
129 Undefined Fantastic Object SHXP 240 Jeffrey Bardon
130 Bam Thwok NNBE 700 Tyler Sontag
131 Jigsaw GTQW 900 Andrew Menzies
132 Monorail LYFQ 700 Tyler Sontag
133 Monochrome JGMT 800 Andrew Menzies
134 Pushover DBOH 500 Archie Pusaka
135 Propaganda XBJO 500 Tyler Sontag
136 Seeing Red LOEC 400 Jeffrey Bardon
137 The Longest Track KKUN --- Archie Pusaka
138 Zipper BSOL 550 Jeffrey Bardon
139 Unravel PGUU --- Jeffrey Bardon
140 Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors JNKO 999 Andrew Menzies
141 World of a Thousand Flames PAVJ 900 Josh Lee
142 Stratagem AXLS 60 Derek Bowser
143 Color Coordination UWER 800 J.B. Lewis
144 Paradigm Shift ZLVW 877 Jeffrey Bardon
145 Hacked Save File VSVA 564 Josh Lee
146 Japanese Game Show UPQI --- J.B. Lewis
147 Gimmick Isle BKXL 999 Tyler Sontag
148 Gravity Well HFZF 450 Jeffrey Bardon
149 Mental Marvel Monastery IWOY 700 Josh Lee

List of designers[edit]

Name Number of Levels
Jeffrey Bardon 30
Joshua Bone 2
Derek Bowser 1
chipster1059 1
Cybersmack 4
Rock Généreux 4
Trevor Hedges 1
Zane Kuecks 3
Josh Lee 37
J.B. Lewis 7
Eddy Limb 4
Andrew Menzies 21
Markus O. 5
Henry Potts 3
Gigih Agung Pradipta 1
Archie Pusaka 4
Ida Roberthson 2
Eric Schmidt 2
Tyler Sontag 15
Michael Sugantino 1
Miika Toukola 1


With the help of J.B. Lewis, community members Josh Lee and Jeffrey Bardon decided to take on the role of co-leaders of the staff. This would be the first time an official custom set would have two leaders as opposed to one. The staff list was announced shortly after submissions were opened on November 2nd, 2015. The list of staff members at the time of the set's release were as follows:

Name Role
Josh Lee Staff Coordinator
Jeffrey Bardon Project Manager
The Architect Staff Speaker
Tyler Sontag Webmaster
Andrew Menzies Playtester
random 8 Playtester
J.B. Lewis Staff Consultant
David Stolp Voting Administrator


To narrow down the levels that appeared on the ballot, the staff performed a pre-voting elimination from the time submissions opened until voting officially started on July 15th, 2016. These levels were eliminated because they were too unequal between MS and Lynx, unsolvable, disqualified by the designer, already in (or too similar to levels in) CC1 or a previous CCLP, full of tedium, guesswork, poor design, or otherwise deemed unfit by the staff to be in voting. Before and during voting, community members had the privilege to nominate any level that was eliminated by the staff or did not receive at least 2 "staff recommendations" prior to voting. Any level that had 1 staff recommendation needed 2 community nominations (excluding the designer) to get a chance in voting, whereas any level that had 0 recommendations needed 3. This nomination process ended on September 15th and the 115 nominated levels appeared in voting in the last remaining packs.

CCLP4 voting was conducted at David "pieguy" Stolp's website, given his role as official Voting Administrator.

Packs of 50 random levels were used for the voting process, as was done with CCLP1. Like CCLP3, the two categories of voting "Fun" and "Difficulty" made a return to the voting process; however, the difficulty rating was completely optional, though encouraged to help determine how the set would be finalized. At the start of voting, four packs were released, and once a released pack had a total of 5 votes, a new one was released. An account on pieguy's site was necessary to vote, but all voting packs could be downloaded without an account through pieguy's site or the official CCLP4 website.

Voting ended April 30, 2017 at 11:59 EDT. A total of 25,550 votes were cast by 40 unique voters.

Voting packs[edit]

From July 15th to November 2nd, 2016, 28 voting packs were released for CCLP4. All packs contained 50 levels, with the exception of the final pack containing only 20, for a total of 1,370 levels.

Pack Release Date
Waffle July 15th
Elephant July 15th
Hillside July 15th
Zygote July 15th
Ravioli July 17th
Microwave July 17th
Utility July 18th
Kangaroo July 22nd
Cobalt July 26th
Quagmire July 30th
Tornado August 6th
Yodel August 7th
Longbow August 7th
Souvenir August 13th
Fusion August 15th
Xenon August 24th
Bungalow August 26th
Gazebo August 31st
Platypus September 2nd
Justice September 14th
Obstacle September 16th
Nightshade September 19th
Voltage September 21st
Dandelion October 4th
Acropolis October 18th
Inchworm October 23th
Pineapple October 31st
Expansion November 2nd

Timeline of events[edit]

Date Event
2015-10-31 Level submissions opened
2015-11-02 Staff formed and announced
2015-11-04 CCLP4 site launched
2016-01-01 Submission deadline set to March 1st, 2016
2016-03-01 Submissions closed
2016-05-16 Level submission fixes close off date set to June 16th, 2016
2016-06-16 Level submission fixes no longer accepted. Final testing underway
2016-07-01 Community nominations begin, date of voting announced as July 15th, 2016
2016-07-15 Voting begins - four initial voting packs released
2016-09-15 Community nominations end - 115 additional levels make it into voting
2016-11-02 All 28 voting packs released
2017-01-26 Voting deadline proposed to April 30, 2017
2017-04-30 Voting ended at 11:59pm EDT
2017-05-28 CCLP4 logo and first leaks revealed
2017-06-21 CCLP4 trailer launched. Release date set to July 14, 2017
2017-07-14 CCLP4 released at 8pm EDT

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