Oracle II

Oracle II is the 141st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Noticeably harder than Oracle I, the other part of Dale Bryan's two-part series, Oracle II is not very hard on the left side, but the right side is right difficult. Fortunately, it can be inferred where Chip must move the blocks in order to free the entire area for use.

In the case of Oracle II, there are bombs instead of water, which shortens it slightly, and the path to the exit turns to the left, using an ice space which makes the level just a tad harder to collect the bold time on. There are also two separate directions that Chip must build the blocks from; Chip has to start on the left, because he can only switch the toggle wall once by touching the red button, which clones a block onto the green button.


  • Although Dale Bryan created the Chip's Challenge level, the puzzles themselves were adapted. The left portion of the level was originally level 7 of Sokoban released by Thinking Rabbit in 1982, and the right portion was level 11 of that same game.
  • This level idea also appeared in the PC game Jewels of the Oracle in 1995. The two puzzles were merged into one large puzzle. The puzzle this was adapted from involves directing a small beetle through a maze and pushing balls into a hole in a sokoban like fashion. This game contained a "hard" and "easy" mode. This level's adaptation was of the hard mode, whereas Oracle I was the easy mode.

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