Road Block

Road Block is the 13th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by David Stolp.

107 routeEdit

Clone a couple blocks and put them both directly behind the force floor so that you can backwards force off of it. Clone another block and put it at [14,16], and when coming back up after hitting the button again, move the block up and push it into [13,15], but leave the dirt. Push the new block over to [14,16], go clone another block, and then push the block into [13,16], then take the dirt away for both the squares. Repeat this 2 more times. After that, take the cloned block and push it into [10,15], pushing the button on the way, and collect the chip. Take another cloned block, and place it on [10,15]. Take the cloned block, and put it on [11,15], again, pushing the red button. Then take the cloned block, push it [2] left, and clone another. Take this cloned block, and push it onto the suction to the right of it. Push the last block over to the suction, but before you push it on, right before, wait half a move, then spring step the block onto the suction, so that you create a ram. Finally go up and finish the level.

Full level mapEdit



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