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Arcticflow is the 29th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The name suggests water and ice; the ice doesn't appear for a while. This level is actually quite easy; there is a sequence of bridges which leads to flippers, and thus to the rest of the chips. Note that the third set of blocks must be pushed along the top row. All the trouble is involved in the two paramecia circling the fourth and fifth sets of blocks.

At the fourth set, move block 2 L [1] L to drown the paramecium and remove the first water. Build to the second paramecium, remove the first water, and then use either block 1 or 4 to reach the next chip and the ice maze (the other three blocks are unnecessary).

In MS, it is possible to simply slide back by blasting over the force floor, but the flippers at the end of the maze allow Chip to swim and slide back. Use spring slides carefully to get to 302; the most important section is from [27, 20], with LULDL 3D R 2D 2L D 2L all at 10 m/s. The route is 302.8 and can spare [4] here and there. After all the boosting is done, measure the time of entrance to the swimming computer chips; the maximum time by the first water is 316.0. The socket is at the northeast, and 26 rows west is the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 29.png


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