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The term m/s means moves per second, and is used to measure the speeds of objects in varying situations. One move equals 1/5 of a second, so normal walking speed is 5 m/s.

1.25 m/s[edit]

2.5 m/s[edit]

  • Teeth and blobs not on sliding tiles.
    • In Lynx, teeth actually move at 5 m/s, but they wait every other move, whereas blobs take 2 moves to fully move between tiles. In MS, both wait every other move (see parity).

5 m/s[edit]

  • Blobs on sliding tiles in Lynx.
  • All objects except teeth and blobs not on sliding tiles (see note above).
  • Cloning blocks in Lynx.
  • Objects other than blobs stepping onto or off of a teleport in Lynx.

10 m/s[edit]

  • All objects on sliding tiles (including teleports) in MS in the absence of slide delay.
  • All objects but blobs on sliding tiles (including traps) in Lynx.
  • Spring slides and spring steps.
  • The maximum speed fully readable in an AVI or MS TWS.

20 m/s[edit]

  • Boosting in MS.
  • Cloning blocks in MS - the time delay between the block cloned and the block appearing is unreadable (hence it is possible for a cloned block and Chip to step on the same square on the same turn, but Chip will not die unless he also steps onto the red button in that move).
  • The maximum speed fully readable in a Lynx TWS.