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Blazes is the 40th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Joshua Bone.

221 route: Press the green button and get the 3 chips and yellow key in the opened room. Go through the yellow door, collect the 2 chips in this room and push the block U. This allows the fireball to reach the green button which will allow Chip to pick up the red key and 3 chips behind the second toggle wall (no waiting is necessary). Now open the red door (picking up 2 chips along the way), push the block 4R, wait for the fireball to pass, then push the block D and then L (the green button will be pressed in the process). After the fireball has been deflected past the first toggle wall, press the green button to release the fireball towards the bomb. After the bomb has exploded, collect 3 chips and walk through the path dodging fireballs (wait [2] at (19,18), [1] at (20,20), [2] at (19,21) and 1 at (18,23)). In the next room, push the block 2R 3U, and go through the rightmost trap to collect the yellow key (only collect the bottom-left chip for now). Go through the yellow door and push the block R D. This will cause the fireball to press the blue button, allowing the fire boots to be collected. Go back into the blue button room and collect the red key. Go back through the rightmost trap and through the red door (collecting 2 of the chips on the way). Walk round the next room in a clockwise sense, collecting all the chips, return down the ice slide to collect the last chip, and go through both traps, the socket, and the teleport, then go through the thief and collect the green key. Push the block 2L 2U, forcing the fireball to clone a block (in the leftmost room in this area) that allows the bomb to be exploded and the skates collected. Return to the ice and exit (note that you can walk through the ice corner at (27,7)).

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 40.png


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