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Block Out

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Block Out is the 108th level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level provides further instruction to the player on how to deal with pink balls, by themselves and interaction with blocks. The first two sections of Block Out deal with blocks, although blocks are not necessary in the first, and Chip must then step through two back-and-forth cycles to reach the exit.

The first section is easy, because no block is required: play across to the center and pick up the red key, then a little down onto an ice track for flippers. Play past one ball, then run all the way to the left and up into the red lock, then out through the blue lock, into one chip, and then swim over the water below. (In Lynx, because fire does not kill monsters, it's more difficult and will require the use of a block. Enter the eight-block area by moving block 5 and use block 3 to "block out".)

The second section is quite difficult; Chip needs to "block out" the pink balls to reach the chips, and although it isn't required on the top end, it's usually helpful. Block out the first ball and take chip 1 (on the bottom), then play the block 4R for chips 2 and 3, then wait [2] and play the block 3R for the fourth. R will reach the fifth chip, 2R gets the sixth, and then dive down to chip 7 and the second blue lock, where you will slide to the next two sections.

Start on column 1, then play 5R and wait, then out to the last section, which is a linear double-helix with pink balls bouncing across. Take the first two chips and wait [2], then after 6, 10, 14, and 18 chips also wait [2], and finally take the last two and exit underneath that.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 108.png


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