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Fire is a tile in Chip's Challenge that will kill Chip or Melinda if they step on it and do not have fire boots. In Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, this prompts the death message stating Ooops! Don't step in the fire without fire boots!. Fire also kills any monster that steps on it, except the fireball which can safely travel over it, and walkers and bugs who treat fire as an acting wall. However, in the Lynx version, all monsters except for the fireball will treat it as a wall.

Blocks can be moved onto fire without destroying the block, although Chip must then have fire boots in order to move them again. Often, fire is hidden under blocks as a stealth system, referred to often as a hot block. Ice blocks, when moved onto fire, will turn into water; and in Chip's Challenge 2, directional blocks will be destroyed by fire.

Fire that the player discovers before anything else on the lower layer will not kill Chip regardless of whether he has fire boots when he first steps on it, and will still function the same towards monsters. If a block were to be pushed onto the hidden fire, the block works just as if the fire had started the level underneath it. However, in Lynx, fire on the lower layer is an invalid tile, rendering such levels unplayable.

In Chip's Challenge 2, fire is an acting wall to nearly all monsters (like in Lynx) except fireballs, ghosts, player mirrors, and yellow tanks. If a ghost has fire boots, it will turn any fire tiles it steps on into floor; in contrast, player mirrors and yellow tanks will be destroyed without fire boots (though yellow tanks can only obtain fire boots through special circumstances).

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