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Bolkonski is the 92nd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Joshua Bone.

396 route: Slide on to the ice, move U D R D U 2L D L D U L U 4L R 2D 2R U R U R 3L 2R, then clone a glider, pick up the skates, press the green button, clone another glider (causing the first glider to explode the bomb), then another glider [5] later. Now get the chips and yellow key, then go through the toggle wall. Get the rightmost 2 chips before the yellow door, then get all the chips in the next room apart from (30,29), (27,25) and (27,24), then cross the first tank, get the yellow key below, then go through the tanks above to get 2 more yellow keys. Now push the blue button near the block cloner just as the tank moves onto the top blue button. This will cause it to hit to red button, cloning a block that destroys the bomb. Collect 3 chips and a red key, then go through the yellow doors and push the block onto the brown button, allowing another red key to be collected. Go through the red doors, collect the chip, then push the block D to deflect the gliders into the bombs. Use the block to bridge to the chips. Go through the toggle wall and collect the remaining chips. Return to the block, push it along the ice slide (collecting all the remaining chips bar (30,29)), and push it onto the green button. Collect the last chip en route to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 92.png


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